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B R Shastry took a quality position in the Indian moving market right from its inception , and the loyal support of our customers has validated this approach.

In 1997, it was the first Indian moving company to get itself certified for three years to an internationally recognised quality standard. The "Registered International Mover" (RIM) certification is based on an on-site check of facilities, procedures, and knowledge levels, and is issued by the American Moving & Storage Association.

B R Shastry also was accepted as a member in good standing by the IAM (International Association of Movers), further establishing its position in the community of international movers.

With systematic procedures and an attention to detail, B R Shastry is keenly aware that its quality standard is measured by the current job in progress, rather than by past achievements. Therefore, every customer without exception is requested for feedback on the level of services provided vis-a-vis his or her expectations.

In September 2000, the firm was inspected for adherance to the ISO-9002 standard, and duly certified. (This is again a first in the Indian moving industry). The company continues to be quality certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard in 2015, having been most recently inspected in November 2015. At the same time, we are strengthening our communications and levels of automation, so that a sustained high response level can be maintained in the future.


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