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Materials  Used :
* Cartons of 7-ply corrugated cardboard.
* 5-ply cardboard sheets for furniture.
* Air bubble and thermocole (expanded poly.) sheets for fragile items.
* Waterproofing with polythene in every carton.
* Stretch wrap film for air shipments as needed.
* Vacuum packing for sea shipment items which are liable to rust.
* Waterproof  plywood casing for air shipments and LCL sea shipments
* Liftvans for FCL shipments where needed.
* Tissue paper, white paper and wax paper for wrapping small articles.

Packing Method :
1. Furniture is wrapped in polythene to prevent moisture ingress, and covered with cardboard sheets
into neat cubical shapes to permit easy positioning into containers.
2. Clothes are folded into polythene lined cartons .Special wardrobe cartons are used for clothes on
3. Crockery is wrapped individually in cushioning paper and placed into special crockery cartons, which
are labeled with fragile stickers.
4. Books are placed in small , strong cartons which are lined with polythene to keep the inside dry at all
5. Appliances are wrapped in corrugated cardboard with multiple layers to provide a strong buffer to
withstand the transit handling.
6. Items like granite or marble tops and other fragile and heavy items are crated for full protection.
7. Other articles are made safe based on the requirements, e.g.. if an item is liable to rust, we vacuum
pack it. The item is wrapped in plastic bag which is partially vacuumized , reducing the amount of
oxygen in the trapped air and sealing the item from the salt-laden sea air in transit.
8. If weight is critical for an air shipment, we palletize the shipment and surround it with stretch film, to
provide safety as well as keep the gross weight down. To sum up, every precaution is taken to ensure
a safe and damage-free delivery at the destination !

Storage :

Dedicated storage of "household & personal effects" is undertaken by us under the following
arrangements :
1. Our warehouses are regularly fumigated to ensure protection from pests.
2. The storage facilities are completely weather-proof and have 24-hour manned security,
smoke-alarms, electronic security and fire fighting arrangements.
3. Goods are packed, inventoried and stored in liftvans.
4. Partial re-deliveries are undertaken as required by the customer, along with the accompanying
5. Short-term transit storage for a week or more is undertaken, as well as long-term storage for periods
of months or years.
6. Air-conditioned( temperature-controlled) storage is available on request.
7. A comprehensive storage insurance cover is offered for the goods. All warehouses are insured for
fire, burglary, floods and related risks.
8. Storage of cars is undertaken. However, engine inhibition services are not included.
9. Other commercial goods or commodities which might taint or affect household goods are stored
separately. Similarly, dangerous or hazardous goods are not accepted into the storage facilities which
are dedicated to household effects.


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