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To move out of India, all you need to do is arrange for us to pack and remove the goods. The documentation is straight forward and all the authorities ask for is that you actually do travel. While the regulations allow you to ship your goods before you leave, the complications in case you cancel your move after the goods have left, can be interesting. The most practical way is to get the goods shipped out immediately after you leave the country.

To meet this requirement we have modern storage facilities where your goods can be kept for a few days. Less professional movers will cope by moving the goods directly to the customs warehouse and let them lie there until ready to ship. That's not such a good idea, at least in India.

If you have entered India under the Transfer of Residence scheme, you need to stay in the country for at least one year. If you want to leave earlier, you will have to refund the balance of the customs duties that you had saved under this scheme when you entered India. If you don't take this precaution, you could find yourself stopped at the airport !

Prohibited articles for export :

  • narcotics.
  • wild animal skins.
  • antiques, unless licensed.

TIP - If you purchase antique reproductions, make sure you obtain an invoice in your name, and retain it.

You should contact us at least one month ahead of your planned date , in order to ensure a smooth and well planned move.

For a knowledgeable and quick response , please fill in the form below or email the information to ram@brshastry.com ( the fax number is +91-80-2556 0356)

Leave us your enquiry below and we will get back to you with our quote for your move within one working day.

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You can also contact us at ram@brshastry.com or via phone +91-(0)80-2554 7540.

  1. If you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore or Hyderabad , we will carry out a free survey and estimate of your shipping needs, so that an accurate cost can be given to you.
  2. If you live outside these cities, we will take a list of items from you and work with that to give you the costs for the calculated volume/ weight. Any variation would be charged or deducted proportionately.

Packing and removal : The packing dates should be booked at least two weeks ahead.Once the dates are booked ,we will not ask you for a change of schedule ( unless you , yourself, want a change). Our packing crew with an English speaking supervisor will bring the packing material to your home , pack the goods , prepare an inventory list and move the goods out for despatch.

Documentation : The documents that you need to keep ready are :

  1. A copy of your passport - cover to cover, including the blank pages (a customs requirement). This should be notarised by a public notary.
  2. A copy of your air - ticket , showing the sector of travel from India. All other documentation will be provided by our supervisor - these are essentially concerned with the customs clearance of your goods in India.

Insurance cover : While we take a lot of care in our packing, rough handeling at the port and in transit result in occasional breakages. To address this we offer all risks insurance cover thru two insurance companies. Both allow Claims to be settled in the destination currency. Our excellent damage-free record with our insurance companies, allows us to offer you transit insurance at very reasonable rates.

Transit Status : The transit status of your shipment will be placed on the tracking page of our website , so that you can conveniently check the status whenever you need to.Alternatively, you could send us an email and we will reply promptly.


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