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There are two aspects that you have to consider when you plan to move your goods into India - the logistics of the move, and the documentation aspect. We take care of both these aspects with an attention to detail.

On the packing front ...

  • Make sure that your shipments are completely water-proof. Transit arrangements at airports and seaports can be inadequate. At some places, cargo is left in the open, covered only with tarpaulin. B R Shastry & Company takes extra care to cope with these conditions on your behalf.
  • Make sure that fragile items have some extra protection. Handling is rough in the port area. Liftvans for sea shipments and plywood cases for air shipments are strongly recommended.
  • Make sure that all the documents pertaining to the shipment have the same name as the owner; and the name should be as given in the passport, not a nick name.
  • Sea shipments should be shipped out not later than one month after your arrival in India, and air shipments should be shipped out within 15 days of your arrival in India. If the shipments are delayed further, the paper work shoots up.
  • If you're planning to transfer your residence, you need to show that you intend to stay in India for at least a year. For expatriates, that means that you should have a visa for one year or more.
  • And finally, you need to be present in India for the customs examination of your goods.

Customs duties ...

  • Presently the customs duty for routine unaccompanied baggage is 40%, except for used personal clothing. All other items would be valued based on their age and taxed accordingly.
  • If you have lived outside India for the last two years and your short visits to India do not exceed 180 days, you can apply for lower duty tarrif under the "Transfer of Residence" scheme. All baggage more than a year old is allowed in free, except listed electronic items and some consumer durables, which are taxed at 16%. Any other item, if new, would be taxed at 36%.
  • Want to bring in your car ? Cars are not freely importable. To check if you are eligible to bring one in, contact us using the form below.
  • Duties on Pets are minimal. There is no quarantine procedure for Import of pets, however your documentation must be complete.

Prohibited items for import...

  • Narcotic drugs.
  • Firearms and ammunition, unless licenced.
  • Pornographic literature or tapes, alcoholic beverages more than one liter

Leave us your enquiry below and we will get back to you with our quote for your move within one working day.

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You can also contact us at ram@brshastry.com or via phone +91-(0)80-2554 7540.

We will forward your enquiry to the office nearest to you.They will assess the size of your shipment and give you an accurate estimate.Since all our network's offices are in close touch with each other, we will make sure that the documentation is correct and complete; also we will advise the origin office about the correct port of entry and other issues which can arise ( strikes, port closures, monsoons , etc).

Customs clearance in India:
The main point to remember is that the owner of the goods has to be present for the customs inspection.The customs procedure is done in three broad steps:

  1. Scrutiny of the documents, to ensure that no rules have been violated
  2. Customs inspection of the goods
  3. Assessment of the duty payable, payment of duty, and removal out of the customs bonded area.

Part - load shipments by sea ( LCLs) have to be custom cleared at the port where the container is stripped. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the container with your goods is booked upto the customs station closest to your location. If your shipment is put into a general container which has cargo for many different locations, then such a container will invariably be stripped at the entry port.


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