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B.R.Shastry is the leader in the packing of high-value CNC and other machines ranging from small sizes to weights as large as 15-18 tonnes. We handle machine packing across India with our dedicated team of highly trained & experienced packers and supervisors. We have excellent references which can be provided on request.

Scope of Services:

  • Technical assessment of the packing requirement and bespoke solutions, taking into account shipping requirements
  • Soft packing, vacuum packing, and crating in suitable, sturdy cases as needed
  • Arranging cranes and forklifts as needed
  • Loading and transportation as needed

Contact person for machine packing (for all locations across India) : Mr Ram Shastry, +91 98450 36082 / ram@brshastry.com

Dangerous Goods:

Dangerous Goods need to be transported with full compliance to both national and international rules. B.R.Shastry is fully certified to handle the packaging, labelling and documentation on behalf of shippers. The packing is done to comply with the latest IATA regulations as well as the national and airline restrictions as amended from time to time. We handle all the classes of dangerous goods which are allowed to be transported, including chemicals, petrochemicals, liquified gases, paints, toxic goods etc. - If it can be transported, we can handle it.

Scope of Services:

  • Handling, packaging and documentation of dangerous goods in U.N. approved packages
  • Pick up and collection
  • Classification, identification, marking and labelling
  • Completion of the Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods
  • Liason and co-ordination with freight forwarders and airlines

Contact person for dangerous goods packing (for all locations across India) : Mr Ram Shastry, +91 98450 36082 / ram@brshastry.com


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